Pilates Induction Course

When joining a Pilates class for the first time, it can be very daunting and overwheleming with lots of new terminology and exercises to try and remember, which is why I ask all new clients to attend an induction course with me prior to starting a class.

These induction course consists of two initial sessions and a follow up session 4 weeks after joining online classes.  There sessions are small (max of 4 people) and if clients are local to me, they are held in my studio, otherwise I will do an online class.  These sessions are designed to help my clients learn the basics of Pilates and also gives me time with a client to discuss any medical conditions or injuries they may have.  Please note this can be done in private before the class.

After the first session, clients will be asked to practice what they have learnt, so that we can progess in the second session.  This then allows clients to join my classes.

As my classes are online, I also give any new clients the option to observe a class before they sign up for the Induction classes.  This gives them the opportunity to see how I work and the style of my teaching.  When teaching online, I am able to make corrections and because I know all my clients, give them modifications as needed.

After approximately four weeks, I ask all new clients to come back for one more session, as this gives us the opportunity to go through the basics again and make sure that my clients are happy with the classes and to ask any questions they have.  It is a process that works really well and all my clients benefit from the focus I can give them in a small group.

October Induction Course: 2nd & 9th October, 20th November 11.30am

November Induction Course: 13th & 27th November, 18th December 11.30 am

The total cost for the course is £75.00.

  “Lisa remembers people’s injuries which amazes me and she always makes sure there’s a modification to suit, which just shows how much interest she takes in all her clients. She has so much enthusiasm you just know she loves doing her job”


Pilates 1-2-1

If a client feels that a class environment is not for them, I also offer 1-2-1 sessions. These are often as a referral from a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist, who have recommended me and who are keen for me to provide their patients with rehabilitation exercises based on their advice. Some clients will then eventually join a class, whereas other clients enjoy the benefits a 1-2-1 provides. I will often put together a video following the 1-2-1 as the client will have homework. By doing Pilates regularly, they will see improvements much quicker and my experience has shown that videos really do help clients understand the exercises as they don’t need to remember everything I have told them.