Why Lisa?

I am very fortunate to have very loyal and committed clients and some of them have been kind enough to say why they enjoy coming to my Pilates classes.  If you would like to leave a review you can email me, leave a facebook review or a Google review.

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I have been attending Lisa's Pilates classes in her studio for over 5 years. She is very knowledgeable and knows her clients individual needs and makes adaptations when needed. For the last 3 months I have been doing online classes via Zoom which have worked really well. I am able to attend 3 classes a week and the difference it has made to my body has been amazing. Each week there is a different theme which keeps variety and interest, as well as focussing on different parts of the body. Lisa always keeps up to date with the latest research and is keen to pass on this knowledge to her clients to ensure clients have the most up to date information.  I would recommend Lisa to everyone whether new to Pilates or who has been doing Pilates for a long time.

Barbara Gornall

I joined Lisa on my Pilates journey nearly 10 years ago. Over this time, I have become stronger, not only in body but mind too, especially after a debilitating disc issue.
Lisa’s passion & knowledge is second to none, along with her cracking sense of humour & very friendly, yet professional attitude.
Although I miss being in Lisa’s Studio, virtual classes have been invaluable to me as I’ve gone from one session a week to four!!
I can honestly say I’d be lost without her.
I can’t “big up” Lisa enough, she’s a true star who absolutely loves her job x

Joanne Borgia

Lisa is completely professional and compassionate. I Love Lisa’s classes for her enthusiasm, sense of humour and commitment to getting us all sorted, but can’t recommend her more, for her one to one sessions. I’d been doing Pilates for a few years with various teachers and just a couple of one to one sessions with Lisa, finally got me doing it correctly! Thank you!

Sarah Fuller

Lisa’s Pilates classes, both face to face and virtual, are absolutely fantastic. She is hugely skilled and experienced and is always seeking to further her knowledge through continued professional development. Lisa spends time making sure that she gets to know all of her clients individually so that she can sensitively tailor exercises to their needs. I cannot recommend the classes highly enough ... everyone needs Lisa’s Pilates classes in their life!

Nadine Parrington

Lisa is an incredible teacher. Extremely knowledgeable and able to cater to everyone’s individual needs. She also has a great personality which makes classes fun and engaging. Highly recommend.

Catlin O’Brien

Love my Pilates classes with Lisa. Have been seeing her weekly for years and more recently it’s been so good to attend multiple classes per week on zoom during lockdown.
Lisa is a lovely teacher. Very patient and kind, she happily adapts or alternates any exercise according to individual need and has really good knowledge of all her clients. She continually re-educates herself and shares new information and exercises with enthusiasm. I wouldn’t be without my Pilates with Lisa each week.

Nikki Thomas

I cannot recommend Lisa enough. Her enthusiasm shines through, and her passion for making sure that each of her clients gets the best out of each and every session is remarkable. I know that a lot of background work goes into the planning of all her classes and this ensures that they run so incredibly smoothly.

Julie Tilbury

I started with Lisa about 18 months ago in the hope that my posture would improve and my various pains in my body would benefit from the gentle exercise. Little did I know she would change my life! My posture has improved, my rotator cuff issues have all but disappeared, my range of movement is now back to how I was 10 years ago! I was worried about going to Zoom classes during lockdown but actually I now take 3 classes a week and my body is now stronger than it ever has been. Thank you Lisa!

Debbie Baillie

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